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MagnoliaFan Edits - "Balance" and "Clone War"
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16-Sep-2006, 10:32 PM
Yeah, I've been going through reconstructing it shot for shot over a few years, since my dumb ass never saved all the files last time. I've made a few tweaks here and there, adding a shot here, trimming a shot there, etc.
I always wanted to have the shot of Watto from the theatrical podrace where he cheers "Sebulba!" and completely forgot about it when I cut the sequence the first time, so I put that back in. The few changes in the cut sitting on my hard drive now are minute ones like that. Some of the dialogue has been tweaked to sound a bit less formal. Altering "cannots" to "can'ts" and few things like that, just to make things sound a little more natural. There are also a few of the SE shots already dropped in. The submarine actually explodes when it hits the bottom of the waterfall. The Republic cruiser at the end is a blueish color instead of pink.
I also re-worked the reversed dialogue so that there isn't any (or at least very little, a sylable here and there) Spanish left that isn't reversed.
There are rough shots of Grievous and things like that, but those are still on the "to do" list and probably wouldn't go into a version until after the boxed set comes out next year, to take advantage of additional deleted scenes and things like the cgi Yoda.