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Star Wars Limited Edition Screen Captures.
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13-Sep-2006, 5:05 AM
I got these overnighted to me by my friend who works for wal mart. i dont know how he got them before release because I got them in the mail today. I have to say it was worth the money for them. I watched Star Wars using VLC(it has the aspect ratio change so it looks nicely on my widescreen mac display), and was amazed with the picture quality. It reminded me of watching the VHS tapes i have when I was younger, seeing the slight flicker from the film transfer making it feel like the theater experience. I love the openeing crawl, redone yes, but nonetheless no "A New Hope". I do have to say looking at the screencap comparisons, that the pal one is a bit granier than the NTSC release. Thats really the only difference i see. I cant wait to watch the other 2 tomorrow.