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Star Wars Limited Edition Screen Captures.
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12-Sep-2006, 4:16 PM
I just had a look at the screenies provided by R2D2 and they look pretty darn good to me. Really sharp with excellent color balance. But judging from these grabs it's safe to say that the framing is not the same as on the French/German laserdiscs, so this must be taken from another source. But I can't believe the quality would be this good if those were upscaled from the NTSC masters. Is that possible?

Edit: Wait a sec! Those screens are stretched vertically. They have the exact same width as the other grabs on the comparison page, but they are definitely taller. Is this straight from the DVD's R2D2? Or have you maybe made some photoshop error here? I can't believe they could be framed like that. Hmmm...