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Invader Jenny
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Steve Irwin DIED!!!!!!
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11-Sep-2006, 6:32 PM
Yes. Yes it does.

At this moment, Steve Irwin is fighting a rabid, radioactive, mile high, crocodile in heaven.

Every morning, Steve Irwin would burst out of the anaconda that ate him the previous night, tie it in a knot, and kill every single stingray in a 500-foot radius.

Steve once made a croc's blood run so cold, it froze solid.

Steve Irwin defeated Chuck Norris. With is baby in his arms.

Steve Irwin did not use animal calls. Animals used Steve Irwin calls.

Steve Irwin could make crocodile skin boots out of Chihuahuas.

Steve Irwin once wrestled a dragon into submission. Both is arms were broken at the time.

The alternate ending to the movie "Anaconda" is Steve jumping in 4 minutes into the movie and knocking the snake out in 5 seconds.