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Selectable crawl on new DVD? Or just the old one?
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31-Aug-2006, 12:24 AM
Originally posted by: Yoda Is Your Father
Originally posted by: boris
LOL those aren't off the official discs. The very last places that would the DVD's more then 2 weeks ahead of time is rental stores.
Not true. My brother is Assistant Manager at Blockbuster and I have seen many films days and sometimes weeks before the release date thanks to him. I have no reason to doubt these are legit and I am pretty content with the image quality.

And apart from the dodgy photoshop recreation poster covers, the rest of the packaging looks pretty nice (i.e. back cover and inserts)

Yeah, some Blockbusters are already renting the OUT DVDs. I'm in Florida, and there was a news report about all the kids who got off from school today because of tropical storm Ernesto and how they planned to spend their day. One kid was walking out of a Blockbuster with the DVD of ANH and was like, "I got Episode FOUR, Star Wars, A New Hope..." The only reason I looked up at the T.V. was because the kid said "Episode FOUR," like he knew he was getting it before anyone else.