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Darth Simon
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Please tell me I'm not the only one....
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25-Jul-2006, 10:45 PM
Originally posted by: Yoda Is Your Father
Hmm.. I did not know that. Still though, I'm sure somebody with a good knowledge of Star Trek continuity could come up with a good idea for a movie based around Captain Pike.

So was being wheelchair-bound what got him taken off the Enterprise? Doesn't seem very fair, especially in a politically correct Star Trek universe. All Starfleet captains really do is sit in a chair all day anyway , and I imagine you can get some pretty badass hover-wheelchairs in the future. In fact, I'm pretty damn sure they could easily undo his paralysis with the help of some nanobots or some other trekky-future technology.

if im not mistaken, that episode was actually the original pilot episode (well the story told in it was) it was one of those 'flashback' episodes, i believe they used a trial if my memory serves me correctly. they showed clips of the mission with captain pike's crew (the clips were from the original pilot)

the only character that survived the original pilot was Spock. They felt that the audience wouldnt buy the 2nd in command being female (it was actually gene rodenbury's wife). not sure if there was any other reason they scrapped that pilot or not.

*edit* just went back and read the whole thread and noticed that HSvIIJ mentioned the pilot episode. i couldnt quite remember the title of it but HSvIIJ mentioned it in his post 'The Cage'

-Darth Simon