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Mike O
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What are you going to do with your SE discs?
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2-Jul-2006, 1:40 PM
Originally posted by: Scruffy
Originally posted by: Davis
I definitely think we should all mail the same letter. It'd be really fitting- when we complained about the 16x9 issue, they just gave us a form response.

So we give them a form response when we send our discs back.

I think that line of thought is too clever for its own good.

How about putting their "We want you to be aware that we have no plans-now or in the future to restore the earlier versions" above something to the effect of "Then, unfortunately, I have no plans, now or in the future to purchaes future Star Wars releases until a restoration of the original versions is produced." Something polite, but which lets them know that we heard them and want them to hear us. It wouldn't insult anyone. It'd just make a point.