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Mike O
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What are you going to do with your SE discs?
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30-Jun-2006, 5:38 PM
Originally posted by: Mielr
Originally posted by: Mike O

See, now, here's the catch 22. Since a lot of people won't buy non-anamorphic releases, it may affect sales. The question is, how good will sales of these releases be and what kind of message will that send? I suppose that we'll find out in a few months. Lets keep our fingers crossed...apparently for the next year at least.

"It probably won't say on the package "non-anamorphic" just "widescreen-letterbox" or just "widescreen". Those who don't visit these boards probably won't even know until they get home and try to watch it on their widescreen TV."

Since it is "bonus material," they technically don't have to list anything about, or at least that is what it looks like. I wonder how much of the general population will buy this release; in other words, I wonder if it's just us who are interested in the OOT, or whether others are as well. I hope against hope that this release will sell well and send a clear message to LFL, but who knows? If the 30th Anniversary boxed set did contain high-quality releases of the OOT, I would buy it without question. But at this point, it looks like everything is up in the air.

Whatever became of the plan to mail back the SE discs? Is it still going on? And how many people are doing it. Just idle curiosity.