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$36 pre-order (AR) for all 3 titles...anyone found it cheaper??
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23-Jun-2006, 1:34 AM
Originally posted by: Mr Bungle
I am not gonna buy them when they come out as I have enough OT fan DVDs at home to last me a lifetime. Im waiting til Nov/Dec if I buy them as they will have hopefully dropped down as some of the online DVD sites have sales around then and its a low price I dont care so much about this anyway anymore Im personally more excited about XO Project and would rather give money to that.

The XO project does sound exciting, but is the picture quality really going to be better than the official DVDs? (in terms of resolution, that is.)

I guess we'll find out when the DVDs arrive on 9/12. It will be very interesting to compare them to the XO versions when the project is finished.