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Video and Article: Rep Won't Let Customer Cancel AOL Account
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22-Jun-2006, 2:37 PM
AOHell is one of the WORST companies ever created. Back in the mid 90's when they were new (V 1.0 software), they used to charge $3.95 per HOUR of usage. They did not have a monthly fee, it was solely an hourly rate. Because of those outrageous fees, many people including myself created fake accounts. All you had to do was obtain a "cert", which was the registration number used to sign up. After obtaining the cert, you entered in fake personal info, selected "pay by checking acct", and as long as you entered in a valid routing number, the account would last from 1-3 weeks before it was shut off. Apparently the bank account validation was not anywhere nearly as sophisticated as it is today. At that time, they offered 20 free hours, and $50 of advance hourly credit, which was more than enough for one fake account. Eventually I found a cert which could be used over and over, and used it until they finally switched over to a monthly fee instead of hourly fees. I canceled my service around the time of 3.0, and have never gone back (I know better now!).