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Watched ROTS on HBO, UGGGH!
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21-Jun-2006, 9:36 PM
Originally posted by: ESHBG
If I were Lucas, this is how I would've done it:

--Anakin turning to Vader and being out of the suit for a bit and then the battle with Obi-wan, then Vader into the suit.
--Vader in the suit, where he fights with and kills Jedi like Mace Windu. Just imagine a battle between these two, where Vader could make comments the whole time about Windu/the Council not granting him the rank of Master when he was "...merely Anakin. Thanks to your foolishness, I have grown more powerful than any Jedi; you don't realize the power of the Dark Side!"
--Vader killing anyone he supects being part of the Rebellion (again, paramount on LEAVING THESE SCENES IN!!!)

I can go on and on. Too bad this wasn't reality.

Wow, that sounds awesome, suited Vader fighting Mace, "merely Anakin" and the killing of Rebellion traitors including Jedi. Sounds like Episode III to me.