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We have to buy this set atleast to preserve it for the next generation of fans
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16-Jun-2006, 4:22 PM
Originally posted by: CO
If we boycott this release then Lucas claims victory and says, "See I told you nobody wanted the original versions." Then the O-OT dies a slow death that Lucas always wanted it to , then what about the next generation of fans?

I agree with that 100%. The ONLY way the OT is EVER going to be properly released, is if we show there is a CLEAR demand for it. If we don't buy these new DVDs, we will be shooting ourselves in the foot.

Now as far as having to buy the SE all over again to get the OT DVDs, I may be putting my other 3 discs from the 2004 SE boxed set up on eBay. I won't get back what I paid, but at least I'll get back something, and I'll then put the new DVDs in the box with the bonus disc. I suggest you all do the same thing.

OR- the "send back" idea is also a good one (that is, sending back the SE discs to George Lucas with a note saying that we only bought the DVD sets for the OT discs).

Yes, GL will still be making more money off us, but what CO said was right. We MUST continue to support the OT, anamorphic or non-anamorphic. Please consider this decision carefully, folks.