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OK, the DVDs are how bad are they going to look?
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16-Jun-2006, 3:54 PM
Originally posted by: CO
I made a thread about this a few weeks ago, about watching all my non-anamorphic DVD's. I was honest, and said they weren't that bad, and I believe just because of DVD resolution, even a non-anamorphic image will look alot better than Laserdisk.

I put in about 15 movies that were non-anamorphic, and was able to compare them with some of the same titles that were anamorphic, and yes there is a difference, but not a huge difference where it is that noticeable, except for someone who really knows his stuff. Now in saying all this, I am not saying the images were great, the fleshtones were a little faded, and the colors didn't jump out at me, but I am dead serious when I mean they were actually not that bad, in fact they were pretty good.

Do I want Anamorphic? Yes. Do I think they would look 10 times better in Anamorphic? Of course. But this is all we have now, and my bootlegs always freeze up, and I am tired of looking on EBAY for new ones, and I just can't stomach Hayden at the end of ROTJ as force ghost, cause I shake my head everytime.

By the way, I have a 50" RCA HDTV (Widescreen). So the fact that is non-anamorphic really affects me.

I still respect someone who isn't buying the DVD's out of pure principle.
Thanks for that. I agree with you about ROTJ - I can't bring myself to watch the mess that was made of that movie on the DVD. I have the LaserDiscs of the OT (the "faces" CLV versions), and I've made my own DVDs of them (using one DVD per LD side in HQ mode for best quality). I don't yet have a widescreen TV, so the issue doesn't affect me that much- yet. I do plan on buying a widescreen TV in the future. My current 4:3 TV does have a widescreen mode for 16:9 DVDs, but I don't use it that often.

I know that these DVDs aren't going to be as good as anamorphic - by using so many of the available resolution lines for the letterbox bars, they simply can't be, but I was just wondering if there's going to be any improvement, in direct comparison to my LDs (since the same masters are being used).

Originally posted by: jturd
Originally posted by: CO

I still respect someone who isn't buying the DVD's out of pure principle.

Yo, right here. If they're going to half-ass it after making such a big deal, I'll stick with the VHS.

If all you have is the VHS, then you should really get the DVDs. For those of us who own the LDs and a LD player- the benefit is less clear, but even a non-anamorphic transfer will be a huge improvement over VHS, for a lot less money than you would spend on the LDs and a decent LD player.