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OK, the DVDs are how bad are they going to look?
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16-Jun-2006, 2:42 PM
Well, it seems unlikely that we're going to get anamorphic DVD transfers of the OT (at least this time around), so let's talk turkey.

Exactly how bad are these DVDs going to look? Can we expect any improvement over the laserdiscs? Is there any chance that the LD masters are actually of a higher resolution than the LDs themselves, and that there might actually be a slight improvement when they're transferred to DVD?

I read an interview with John Lowry at Lowry Digital, and he said that when they were making the SE DVDs, that the material they used was actually scanned at a much higher resolution than was actually needed. Could this also be the case with the LD masters? What was the technology like in 1993? Are the LD masters digital or analog?