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Remember when everyone hated Return of the Jedi?
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16-Jun-2006, 1:41 AM
Originally posted by: Obiwampa
Remember that? The Ewoks? The banal dialog between Luke and Leia?, ("But why must you confront him?!"), The musical number in Jabba's palace? The musical number in the Ewok village? Muppets. Muppets everywhere. (A plethora of puppets, if you will.) Vader unmasked? ANOTHER Death Star?! I find it amusing that everyone now considers ROTJ to be an equal member of the original-original trilogy, and a 'classic'. I just seem to remember a time, hmmmm, when was it? A time when ROTJ was considered the worst of all the SW films...hmmmm, when was that, AHA! Before Episode I!!!!!!!

I never hated it. I saw it in 1983 and was totally blown away by it. Empire will always be my favorite, but it doesn't mean I love Jedi any less. I really don't remember anyone criticizing the Ewoks back in '83- all of that talk seemed to come years later.

However, I DETEST the SE of Jedi. The new musical number, the removal of the Ewok song, the addition of "Young Anakin" to the DVD finale....blech!!!