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Han's Girlfriend
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Remember when everyone hated Return of the Jedi?
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14-Jun-2006, 9:47 PM
another thing that bothers me is how much aunt beru and uncle owen have aged. they looked just over 20 in the PT but in ANH they are at least sixty, even if only 18 years have passed. moreover owen talks about anakin as if he had really known him, and not just seen him for 5 minutes in AOTC
and obiwan ages a lot as well. you could say that maybe it's the conditions on the planet that do this but Luke has lived there all his life and he does look his age.

but to go back to the topic, i saw the trilogy first when i was in my teens and for a long time i really didn't like ESB. only wathced it as a bridge to ROTJ, which i liked best because of the uber happy ending. then the ewoks started getting on my nerves and i noticed how much more stuff there is in ESB than i noticed before, and it quickly became my new favourite. guess a lot of people go through this evolution.
for the PT, i've seen phanytom menace only once, attack twice and sith twice as well, and i'm planning to leave it this way. i've seen the clone wars cartoons, which i thought where not that badm i liked the character of the evil sith woman-alien (can'y remember name) and the sequence where anaking goes trhough a ritual and has a vision of his arm destroying everybody. really foreshadows what will happen (maybe even too explicit...) but still, the only ones i watch over and over again are those of the o-ot. watched the SE once, still trying to forget that experience...