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The Things We Hate And Love Thread .
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12-Jun-2006, 6:32 PM
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okay this is my rant for the weekend cuz it made me really really mad!

i hate it when you go out for a girls night out, with no intention to grind with or pick up boys, yet they won't leave you alone. it's girls night out for a reason! we're there to dance and fun with each other.

i hate it EVEN MORE when you get all dolled up to go to the bar, cuz it's man-hunt night, and all you really want is som fricking good bar action, possibly more if the opportunity arises, and the club is FULL OF GIRLS. ughhhh i wanted to honestly shoot myself cuz there were seriously no guys on the dance floor and the ones that were on the dance floor were already up against the walls with chicks! and they were already making out! and damnit i was just getting really frustrated and turned on and annoyed. NOT a good combo. i mean seriously dancing with my girls can help only so much...

i need some random action! next week better be good.

I can understand your situation with 'not wanting to be man-hunted', but it's one of those things you just have to deal with at clubs--that's why guys go to clubs in the first place!