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Rebel Rouser
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Favorites of all time
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8-Jun-2006, 10:51 AM
Movie: Return of the Jedi
Game: Too vague...
-Video: Quake. (Just Quake, none of the sequels.)
-Board: Star Wars Trivial Pursuit
-RPG: Vampire the Masquerade
Beatles Song: Paperback Writer
Song: Can't go with just one here...
-"Vamos", The Pixies
-"Promised Land", Elvis Presley
-"Surfin' Dead", The Cramps
TV Show: Red Dwarf
Anime: Akira
Comic Book: John Byrne's Next Men
Wrestler: The Rock... I'm not much for wrasslin', but The Rock seems like a nice enough guy.
Manga: Wouldn't know enough to answer this one.
Book: "Fight Club", Chuck Palahniuk or "Sphere", Michael Crichton, for vastly different reasons.