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What scene in the (O-)OT do you hate/dislike the most?
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14-May-2006, 5:19 PM
- Chewie's Tarzan yell was ridiculous.
- The creature outside Jabba's palace belching (and shuddering whilst doing so) was very Muppety. The Sarlacc belching was almost as bad.
- Didn't like the SE Wampa stuff too much. Would've preferred it stay behind-the-scenes more, to make it more mysterious, kinda like Boba Fett.
- Speaking of Boba Fett, his getting hit on the back by a blind man, then screaming like a banshee was no fun.
- I think this was only an SE thing (could be wrong), but in ANH when Luke and Leia are at the corridor with no bridge, Leia fires her blaster a couple of times and it sounds just like any ordinary shotgun or Magnum or something. Always struck me as odd and very out of place.
- Various line changes and additions made to the SEs. You know the ones.

One thing I do like very much, however, is that crazy face Bib Fortuna makes with his mouth wide open. First time I noticed it, I laughed my head off!