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***The "Darth Editous" Episode V DVD Info and Feedback Thread*** - a work in progress
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13-May-2006, 3:17 PM
Already introduced myself in the DE ANH thread, but "hi" again.

Here are a few thoughts I just want to add all at once before I forget something:

It's horrifically superfluous, and serves no purpose other than to say "look! more special bits that weren't there the first time!" The same could be said for some of the shots of the Falcon flying through Cloud City.
Cloud car fly-by removal doesn't bug me, as long as it doesn't mess up any of the Leia shot. I quite agree about the Falcon, though. Completely unnecessary bells and whistles to make the SE fancier. It's all too...sparkly. (I will admit to loving it at first, though! But given the choice, I'd get rid of some of it and make it more OT)

- I think the rocks in the asteroid chase pictured above look all right, but yeah, those TIEs could be less colorful. Would help the scene overall, I think.

- Here's something that I don't know is even an issue anymore (I don't have the '04 DVDs, but lots of VHS copies): There is at least one scene in the movie where the film is reversed. Vader is talking to someone (forget who at the moment) and the rank insignia is on the wrong side of his uniform, etc... If it's still like that on the DVD, is it an easy fix to flip it?

Stabilised R2's text on the X-Wing console

That is so cool! Even as a youngster, I always thought "why is it so jumpy? It looks like it's just floating there."

- Shouldn't Clive Revill be left in the credits somehow? He did make a valuable contribution to the classic version, after all. His voice will always be burned into our brains. Then again, they never did list the lady who portrayed the emperor, and her contribution was certainly valuable as well. Hmm... At any rate, in the ANH thread, I listened to the edit you made to make McDiarmid say "yes...yesssss," and it sounds very good, despite Vader's wonky breathing. Haha.