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Any truth to this?
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3-May-2006, 5:24 PM
Originally Posted by Larry Sutliff
This was just posted on the Classic Horror Film Board by David Colton, editor of USA TODAY:

Original Star Wars back: Han Solo shoots first! (Again...) We're reporting tomorrow that Lucas is releasing the three ORIGINAL Star Wars films -- without the digital tweaks and effects -- on DVD after all. And, once again, Han Solo will be shown shooting first.

I had a bit of this wrong in the original posting, so lemme try again:

-- As we all know, in the original STAR WARS, Han Solo pulls his gun and shoots Greedo in the Cantina scene.

-- When the film was restored and digitally tweaked for a new theatrical run, Lucas added a moment where Greedo fires first, misses, and then Solo shoots Greedo. As if it was self-defense.

-- Fans objected, and when the film hit DVD in 2004, Lucas tweaked it yet AGAIN, and this time Solo and Greedo shot simultaneously.

-- In the upcoming DVD (due in September), the original scene is back. Greedo warns about Jabba, Solo tries to wave him off and then pulls his gun and shoots Greedo dead.

By the way, the story says the transfer of the 'original' version will not be as pristine and scrubbed as the restored DVDs. In fact, at one point there was talk the originals no longer existed.

Anyhow, once we publish (in USA TODAY), tomorrow, I'll post the entire story.

'That's the idea.'

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