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Help: looking for... Droids and Ewoks animated tv series preservation attempt
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30-Apr-2006, 3:17 PM
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4-Jul-2020, 9:50 AM
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Hi all,
I’m looking for some uncompressed or DV versions of the droids cartoons from the mid 80s. Same for Ewoks. The items i’ve downloaded have been of various quality. I’m looking to make a master set of discs for these series in a remastered preservation project. I know this is a stretch, but if anyone has any VHS originals from the 80’s… A DV dub would be helpful…

I’ve seen a couple of VHS’s on ebay, from the 1995 version of “The Pirate and the Prince” but as I understand it, that’s an edited version of the original broadcasts.

I do have a DVD complilation I’ve dloaded. My daughters love it, but like I said, there’s quality issues. And to get any real upgrade in quality on those, I’d be looking at doing frame-by-frame editing… (sigh)… I’d like to preserve as best I can the original cartoons.

Any help would be GREATLY appriciated. Anyone want to talk offline please send me a message.

Thanks all, and keep up the EXCELLENT work!