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Han's Girlfriend
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The worst movies ever!
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11-Mar-2006, 1:20 PM
BTTF is my childhood classic too. ahhh...the memories...
(changing my sig now just to honour it.)

there's only one movie i really hate: "Van Wilder" (sometimes called "Party Animals"). wathced it at a friend of mine and i just cringed through it. so disgusting, immature (and that's coming from someone who actually enjoyed "American Pie" a little) and full of stereotypes.

another movie i can't bear to see is Cronenbergs "The Fly". it's not that i don't like it, but just the thought of slowly turning into a fly, it kinda traumatises me. we had to watch it in my film class last year and i went there but i had to walk out of it after he did the experiment. which is really a shame because it's supposed to be a great movie but it would be torture for me to see it.

BTW, also thought that Animatrix was pretty good. i though that the movies should have been about those stories though, they were more interesting than what they did in the sequels.