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The Abyss: Special Edition PAL UK - Correcting 4:3 Aspect Ratio..
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9-Mar-2006, 1:29 PM

A while back I bought this 2 disc set and I've just got round to watching it. I was horrified to discover the film is presented in letterbox but with a 4:3 aspect ratio!

I think the OAR is 2.35:1 so on my LCD hooked up with component cables at 576p it is practically a 'slit' of a picture with terribly squashed people!

I was thinking of ripping and cropping this picture and reburning it in anamorphic widescreen so I can watch it properly.

I'm really trying to get some advice from you guys on the technical side of this. Worth attempting?

I'm wondering if the picture quality will be worth the effort first and for most. Would cropping 'magnify' the picture too much as to make it look blocky or something?

I have very little experience so any advice would be appreciated.