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The legendary "Starkiller Ranch" Thread
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3-Mar-2006, 3:20 AM
Originally posted by: Erikstormtrooper
Originally posted by: tjdavis1138
The first Rough Cut is done!!

Well, let's see it!

About a prologue, I thought the concept for Episode I was that it would be the "first" Star Wars, that it would stand alone by itself, like a new Episode IV. Doesn't a prologue go against that?

I see what you're saying but even in a standalone movie concept a prologue could work since the foundations of this movie (the SW universe) are based on thousands of years of 'history'. I think it would be cool to have a visual reprensentation in the 'first' movie of this history. Mr. Lee as narrator would just be amazing!

The mind boggles on what sources could be used for this although a few great examples have been suggested. What I am sure about is the all the skill and technical wizardry is already in place in the team involved with this project and I think it would be a huge shame if this 'prologue' concept was abandoned altogether.

I guess what I am saying is that my 'vote' would be in the 'try it and see' category...

BTW, FANTASTIC news that you have a rough cut completed! InfoDroid, you and your team are an inspiration for those of us who struggle to be one quarter as creative and disciplined..

I can't wait to see it!