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Superman 4 Recut Rough Cut (Released)
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22-Feb-2006, 1:32 PM
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14-Aug-2020, 10:55 AM
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I just finished work on this in rough cut form. There is many audio problems and drops as well as many cuts I still need to refine. Frankly some poor edting. This is why I call it a rough cut, it’s an assemble cut of what I am looking for.

I am using Magix Movie Edit Pro.

This is my first project and if it wasn’t for the encouragement from OCPmovie, Digital, Rikter and Fanfiltration I may have never done this cut.

What this cut is a version of the movie edited to the way I wanted it. Keep in mind it’s my first try with this stuff and it is rough at best. So I am calling it the Rough Cut. When I watched it last nite I found myself tearing it up and thinking about just hitting delete, then I thought about what what someone told me on the Orangecow movie message boards “If you have an interest everyone starts somehwhere, give it a try and don’t give up theres always help!!”

The Edits - I’ll get more in depth later. MORE DETAILS LATER

  • The movie starts with NEW TITLES and the original soundtrack Superman March Alternate from the OOP Rhino CD
  • Opens on the farm with a little twist. Some footage from Superman the movie is used here uncropped to the correct aspect ration - I am still working on this.
  • removal of just god aweful scenes and effects. Example - Superman entrance out of the phonebooth - fuckin lame he looks stupid. CUT
    Removal of Lennys stupid jokes. CUT
    Removal of the creation of Nuclear Man in Luthors make ship pots and pans scene - lol!!! CUT ( Actually this scene wasn’t needed the audience doesn’t really need to know how he used the DNA to create him we get the piont.
    Removal of some of the Nuclear Mans moans as well as the bad special effects. ALMOST all of them.
    (It’s funny how many special effects I removed how it doesn’t take away or even help the story with them in, wierd it’s like they didn’t need to add them)
  • complete re-edit of the of the throwing of all the nuclear missles, I cut the giant rope bag with all the missles. This is still work in progress I haven’t yet figured out how to get the piont across by cutting that.
  • Re-edit of the battle of Metropolis w/ Nuclear man and added soundtrack from the Superman 2 Soundtrack/ WIP
  • Cut Nuclear man capturing and taking MS. Warfield into outerspece (WIP) by cutting out the outerspace footage with ther being carried I made it look like it was nite amd moved some scenes around to make it look like shes in the nite sky instead of the stupid outerspace… lol~!!! to which she would be froze to death die and then burn up on re-entry.

Re-edits of some not needed scenes
Moved the opening scene of the russian cosmonauts to the end after his specch to metropolis and then into the credits. Damn this ending actually worked better.

I still have a lot to do somehow!!! I am learning…

I am sending the file to Rikter to review my rough cut anyone else want a copy I’ll usend it to your email address. Please respond only with good feedback and encouragement. I am not editing master like these guys.