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Update on the TV show, an now Lucas is getting involved!
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16-Feb-2006, 8:01 PM
Well Lucasfilm's track record for TV is good--Young Indy is considered one of the most advanced television series ever, and the Clone Wars cartoons were surprisingly good. The CG clone war cartoon i am not concerned about in the least--likely it will be like a mix of the previous cartoon and that Starship Troopers Roughnecks cartoon from years ago, which was also pretty good. I dont expect much, and since it basically deals with tangical sidestories its of little consequence.

The live action series is a huge deal though. Not only the fact that it is live action, but the fact that it will likely be chronicling more central events. I'm glad they are not afraid to take their time and get it right. Its either going to be a great success or a huge failure. ROTS was good and like i said Lucasfilm's TV history is also pretty good so i think we'll all just have to hold our breath and hope for the best.