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New Gary Kurtz interview!
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31-Jan-2006, 5:10 PM
Yes, Kurtz allowed Kershner more time to make the film, and for that we should all be greatful, and thats the main reason anyone has any ounce of respect for him. But the fact is that ESB was not conceived, scheduled or budgeted to accomodate that! And Kurtz was the one scheduling and budgeting the film! There simply wasnt the money to make the film that way, at least on that short notice. If they wanted to make the film that way, fine, no problem, but they had a limited amount of time and money set aside for ESB, and once they comitted to that, it couldnt be drastically changed. That is why Lucas had to go to Bank of America to get another loan to complete the production--and we're talking a couple MILLION dollars here. You'd think that'd be a wakeup call to Kurtz. But even THAT loan went overbudget! The film was saved when Fox stepped in and fronted the remaining sum (giving them an even sweeter distribution deal that Lucas loathed).

Its not Kershner's fault the film went overschedule and overbudget. The director doesnt concern himself with those issues, that is the producers job. Yes, it is easy to see WHY Kurtz let the production decompose so much, because he wanted the material to be good--but it was a luxury they literally couldnt afford, and Kurtz was EXTREMELY irresponsible in doing this, especially when you consider it was Lucas' personal funds and he wanted the show to move and be finished. Lucas is lucky that he had more star wars fans than he realised.

In any case, this has nothing to do with Lucas praising or bashing, its simply Kurtz getting creative credit on one of the greatest films ever made when he is one of the worst professional producers i have ever heard of.

And BTW, what the hell are you talking about? Lucas' smug smirk? He seemed very grateful to get the award and i think this vitrolic Lucas bashing gets out of control sometimes like this, being labelled a "smug jerk" and that he makes you sick. What the hell is up with that?

Anyway, you dont have to interpret Kurtz-bashing as Lucas praising. Kurtz at least can objectively be bashed.