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Phineasbg/ HIGHLANDER II: Extended Versions (Released)
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23-Jan-2006, 4:55 PM
This is a terrible film, of course, but there is something that deserves a reedition - the real Highlander... A release that would combine the different features from the currently existing ones and add some new ones. For example, the two versions of the script. The early version is quite an interesting read - it's strange to see the opening at a porn cinema, the famed tagline existing as "There can be BUT one", the character of "Richard Taupin, alias Conor McLeod" sobbing "I'm the last. Oh Christ, I'm the last one! I can't stand it. Oh God, I can't stand it! The scream of your blood. The shriek of trees. Stop it!" or another character by the name of "Juan Cid Romirez" crying "Oh, Santa Maria! Madonna!", as he gets slashed to pieces by the never-named villain that would become Kurgan...