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I don't care one bit about the fate of prequel characters
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15-Jan-2006, 5:20 AM
Originally posted by: CO
So, my biggest failing and why Lucas failed for me is at the end of ROTS, I should have been more emotional when the characters we followed for 3 movies all went south. Mace flew out of a window, ahh, I didn't really care, but he is still great in Pulp Fiction. The jedi were getting extinguished in Order 66, which was actually done well in the montage, but did I really know any of those jedi except the conehead guy? Padme loses the will to live? Wasn't she this strong willed women who just gave birth? And finally Anakin laying there legless burning up, I should have been in tears, and I was like thank god, put him out of his misery Kenobi! Kenobi was the only who really tugged at me at the end when he was yelling at Anakin, "You were my brother, Anakin." "You were the chosen one!" That gave me goosebumps, because Kenobi was the one true character you follow for three movies, and there no contradictory character hicups like that senator who lost the will to live. Kenobi was the one real character to me in the PT.

So again, I am not criticizing anyone for getting emotional in ROTS, to each his own, but for me Lucas failed cause there were some heavy moments at the end of ROTS that should have moved me, and unfortunately they didn't.

That to me is the biggest failure of the PT, in the end it is always about the characters.

Carbon Monoxide speaks the truth. Well put.