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Tim Lehrbach
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McCallum comments on the TV series and the prequel special editions
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18-Dec-2005, 2:47 PM
Originally posted by: Scruffy

Lucas was aiming for a Virgin Birth scenario, what with Anakin having no father and being the Chosen One (i.e. "annointed one," literally "Messiah" or "Christ"). An Immaculate Conception makes no sense, because there is no JudeoChristian God (that we know of) in the Star Wars universe, and there is no reason to believe that Star Wars humans are descended from Adam, one of that God's creatures. Even if the idea of an immaculate conception did exist in the Star Wars universe, in a more general sense, Anakin's conception certainly wasn't without some original sin -- he was created by Sith magic, which is about as sinful as you can get. So while the Immaculate Conception theory had some small hope of life before 2005, RotS blew it out of the water. The idea should be discarded like the nonsensical speculation it was.

I make no concession over this topic, I simply understand the term is being used as reference, and understand it as a loose fucking what?

God=Force Mary=Shmi Jesus=Anakin, nobody said anything about it making complete literal sense, obviously Anakin isn't literally modeled after Jesus, and Star Wars characters aren't literally decended from humans...and Midichlorians aren't literally a Judeo Christian God....

If you're religious, I suppose you might be offended with this tag, placed on a Star Wars character, however i'm not, and I'd say you're putting way too much into this....

I haven't read the ROTS novel so I really don't know if Palpatine is telling the truth about Plaguis creating life, and if he was telling the truth, it would be assuming things to say he created Anakin ....I'd say the dialogue was placed in there to add impact to the tale that he could cheat death and extend it.