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30-Nov-2005, 4:04 PM
Originally posted by: JennyS1138

I don't agree that the story was complete, even though Star Wars could have been a stand alone movie.

I think that's exactly what it was intended to be. That's what I meant by complete. It was a finished story in the form it was released in. I didn't need to know what happened after the princess gave the medals to the heros. The fairy tale was over...and it was a wonderful adventure in the process.

Nothing at all wrong with a second installment, by the way. Star Trek, James Bond, Batman, etc have all been fun series but each one doesn't depend on the one before it to even make sense. That's Lucas' biggest weakness - he had one story that he tried to stretch across 6 films. That would be possible if he actually started from the beginning and planned them all out, but he didn't. He finished the story after the first movie and then changed his mind - several times over, trying to reinvent the original in the process. What a tangled web he's woven.

On an unrelated note - Jenny, I believe you may have the best signature on the board.