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Info: How many Disney 35mm scans exist?
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18-Mar-2024, 1:43 AM

CMGF said:

littlejoe416 said:

Again, hilarious and revealing hot takes. This movie isn’t worth it. This ain’t it, chiefs.

That is YOUR opinion, and I find it actually quite offensive. I mean come on, who even talks like this today? You’re discriminating Song of the South lovers, you’re being a Songophobe! Deeply insensitive, so uninclusive. Shame.

Um no I said DONT act disingenuous. Lmao. Please. I’m done engaging with this bad faith argument about a movie that isn’t worth mine or anyone else’s time. The gall you have to call my comments insensitive tells me all I need to know tbh. Not surprised that people who stick up for this movie aren’t great at reading comprehension.