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Info: How many Disney 35mm scans exist?
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17-Mar-2024, 4:09 PM

littlejoe416 said:

Lol at anyone to putting words in my mouth or sticking up for song of the south, an unnecessary and indeed unfortunate association with Disney to say the absolute least. If no one ever saw this film again I’m pretty sure the world would be just fine. Feel how you want but don’t act disingenuous and shocked when someone wants to detract from it, it deserves it.

You would only want to detract from it if you both have no understanding of the diverse experiences of black Americans back then(I recommend reading the Library of Congress’s extensive collection of former slave interviews), and don’t understand why a Disney musical for children isn’t going to have Uncle Remus act like a sad man that is hated by everyone the entire movie. The over the top niceness is of course the better alternative for a kids musical. What’s even more hilarious is Disney has a G rated movie they made in the 2000’s on Disney Plus right now that has the n word with the hard r twice, the k slur for black South Africans, and has a black South African get his ass whopped by a white waiter lol.