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American Graffiti - Original Cut Restoration (Mechanical Assistance/Telecine Experts Needed!) (* unfinished project *) - lots of information...
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13-Jan-2024, 9:22 PM

It is sad that still the best version of the film is the 1982 VHS, laserdisc, and first R1 from 1998 or R2J DVD release (next to the 35mm original print with mono remix). Though both R1 home media releases use the reissue 1978 print.

Fans, and lovers of the film just want a raw scan of both the theatrical release with the theatrical mono mix, and re-release with the dolby digital and thx stereo option. No DNR, no cropping, no AI upscale, no sharp imaging, no bloat or adding digital edits. Luckily the various dubs or subs of the film exist to be added as options (japanese, french, arabic, spanish, etc.) So a re-remix converted to ISO format can be done if the raw ever becomes available.