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Lord of the Rings 35mm (FOTR/TTT/ROTK/FOTREXT released)
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29-Nov-2023, 7:41 PM

Boobafett2 said:

imsorrydave2448 said:

You_Too said:

stretch009 said:

“I remember around that time there were some HDTV version circulating that didn’t have the DNR but they seem impossible to find these days.”

Not impossible. I believe they’re still avaiable on Usenet and Rutracker.

Usenet: Maybe, I’ve never been able to try it since it costs too much for me.
Rutracker: They took them down long ago, sadly.

Either way, I’m a big fan of the extended versions so not a huge loss to me personally, but good if the fans have them for preservation’s sake. Fellowship was done really nicely by both 44rh1n and Dwalin.

There is a torrent of all the HDTV versions on CHDBits. Someone had actually posted the torrent from their a while ago and CHDBits killed the torrent after a few people downloaded it and then they reposted the files to their site. I don’t have access to that tracker, however you can usually find someone on Rutracker who has access to whatever tracker you need something from. Just go and ask.

Could you please explain what this HDTV version is?

A recording of the movies as they played on TV