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Sideburns of BoShek
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Tales Of The Jedi | 1993-1998 comic book series | a general discussion thread
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19-Nov-2023, 11:45 AM

Tom Veitch, Kevin Anderson and the TOTJ creatives basically created much of the ancient society, culture, and lore for both the ancient Jedi and the Sith. The galactic history of the Star Wars universe.

Holocrons, dual-bladed lightsabers, jedi dueling with a saber in each hand. Various compelling new characters, ship and creature designs, and some beguiling world building.

Obviously, this was well before the Jedi were given a major overhaul with several “rule/lore” changes introduced by George Lucas for 2002’s Attack Of The Clones, there wasn’t a “no attachments” rule for the Jedi. Jedi were free to marry, have relationships, have children, had some possessions, and their own homes. They even had different colored lightsabers, not just green or blue, and the Sith or antagonists didn’t always use red sabers either.

Personally, Veitch’s & Anderson’s Jedi are way more interesting and engaging than the regimented and dogmatic Jedi of the Prequels. Although Prequel-Jedi do have the drawback of seemingly being specifically written that way, as part of “reasons why Anakin fell to the dark side”.

It felt hugely significant as it was the first depiction of the Jedi at their height, and also featuring details of the historical Sith, which as the time little was known about. The fairy-tale knight-errant story of a Jedi, fallen Sith, with and complex and conflicting central character elevated the story. Compelling side characters, fleshed out with their backgrounds struck a chord with readers, and left us wanting more. There were many striking ideas with engaging execution in TOTJ, solid storytelling, all immersing you deeper into that familiar Star Wars universe.

For me, the TOTJ team certainly left behind one of the most impressive legacies in the EU. 35 issues of enthralling reading.

What did you guys think about the TOTJ comics?