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Star Wars Episode II: The Approaching Storm (Released)
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17-Nov-2023, 10:35 PM

Watching through the full saga fanedited and this is the first of yours I’ve seen (I opted for octorox’s ep I edit). Just wanted to say excellent work. Couldn’t tell what was a deleted scene and orignal, it was all integrated and edited so masterfully. The last time I watched ep II, I’m pretty sure my brother and I gave up 20 minutes in and fell asleep. It was too bad as I remember watching it a lot and loving it as a kid before ep III came out. Now, I feel like I can finally love it as much as I did back then, so thank you.

I’ll list some of my nitpicks here in case you deem them worthy of changing for a future version.

  • The lack of Dexter’s brief introduction felt awkward and unecessary. Obi-wan and this random Alien just appear in a diner out of nowhere. You can kind of figure out that Obi-wan knows this guy, but it’d be more effective imo to just leave the scene of him greeting Obi-wan from behind the counter.
  • I noticed in the changelog that ending to the packing scene was reinstated. I’m curious why that decision was made because it felt like the only thing really out of place in their love story. The rest of it was handled really well and makes their romance pretty believable, but the “it makes me uncomfortable” and his creepy stare was distracting for me.
  • The color grading for their kiss was too dark and felt out of place compared to the rest of the film’s visuals. I’m not sure if that scene really needs to be at sunset, anyway. The pear scene could easily be morning or the kiss could be the day after.
  • I understand the music transition from the kiss scene is the original music as it cuts off when Padme regrets the kiss, but it doesn’t work here. It just sounds like a poor edit. Something from “love pledge” could probably be plugged in there for a better transition.