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Star Wars: Episode IX - Resolution of the Light
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15-Nov-2023, 4:42 PM

Hello, all. I’m presenting a fully scripted 124 page rewrite of Episode IX. I hope it is enjoyed by whoever finds the time to read it! Here’s a brief overview:

Featuring exciting action based on the writing of The Force Awakens script. This is meant to be a legitimate alternative to The Rise of Skywalker that still feels as though it could have been written by JJ Abrams and belonged side-by-side with the other two sequel movies. This was initially conceptualized in 2018 after the release of The Last Jedi. I fell in love with TLJ on first viewing but after several discussions, I came to understand people’s issues with it. I conceded that it set up episode IX with a nearly impossible task to satisfyingly conclude both the sequel trilogy and the saga as a whole. But after much thinking, a few ideas came to me and the following story was birthed.

Opening crawl:




The galaxy is a hellscape! Everywhere,
there is chaos. Since Luke Skywalker’s
death, Supreme Leader Ren has destroyed
all remnants of the once mighty Empire
and the ephemeral New Republic. All that
remains is the FIRST ORDER.

But there is still a spark. As the
Supreme Leader begins a campaign to find
the source of Snoke’s power, the successors
to General Leia Organa travel across the
galaxy in secret, spreading hope and
securing valuable allies.

They have just been called to the
mountain planet of Dyama to aid in its


  • Rey, having taken on new students, is afraid she is not a good enough teacher and feels overwhelming guilt for any mistakes she makes. She fears she is repeating the past failures of the Jedi Order during both the republic and under Luke.
  • Finn is fired up with a vengeance against those in the First Order who have wronged him and those he has learned to care about. This is particularly realized through his rivalry with Phasma who has once again returned from the grave.
  • Poe is committed to ending this war by uniting disparate allies led by a restless Chewbacca. The wookie chose a more violent path a la Saw Gerrera. In his search for Chewie, Poe and crew visit the smuggler’s moon and meet Lando.
  • Ben is numb as supreme leader and longs for a connection he knows he can no longer have. He finds the source of Snoke’s power, a massive and ancient sith holocron, and is simultaneously haunted by the trauma he experienced from Snoke.
  • General Hux makes plans to take over Kylo’s rule and wipe out the Resistance all in one fell swoop. His first step is to convince the Resistance he can be trusted. When his treachory is found out, the Knights of Ren are called upon to protect Ben.

Conclusions (spoilers):

  • Rey learns to accept that she will make mistakes and has to trust and forgive herself. She comes to understand that she is essentially good. She refuses to kill Ben knowing it may be the greatest mistake she’s made so far.
  • Finn reunites with Rose and finds new purpose in uniting the First Order’s stormtroopers against their leaders. He learns there may be a place in the galaxy for even the Phasma’s of the world.
  • Poe and Chewbacca meet on Kashyyyk and trust Hux in a desperate bid to finally win a decisive battle. When Hux betrays them, Poe is separated from his group. He accepts he must be left to die in order for his comrades to retreat safely.
  • Ben kills Rey and regrets it. In a kind of force-guided psychological experience, Ben is greeted by his grandfather and learns he has a power within him that Anakin was only able to dream of – the power to save the one’s he loves from death. With the energy of the holocron, Ben is able to revive Rey and they share a mind-meld in which their memories are mixed together (and it is revealed in a twist that much of the story the audience has experienced up to this point is a result of this mind-meld). They come to a near-perfect understanding of one another. Ben learns to forgive and regains control of the First Order in order to de-escalate the battle and eventually dissolve it entirely, accepting whatever consequences the galaxy may have for him.
  • Hux is found along with Poe toward the end of the decisive battle and is taken into captivity.