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Adywan's ANH plus SC38?
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13-Nov-2023, 11:54 PM

I want a totally CGI’d prequl-fied version of the OT and particularly ANH.

I’m a classic film fan. I LOVE old school effects. I love the original theatrical version. But if I want that I’ll watch 4K77. Now I’m searching for a version that would blend better with the modern series. I think Adywan’s plus SC38 would be awesome. I was a bit dissapointed with SC38, where they put so much effort in to details like the costumes and such, but made no effort to match the stlye of filming of the original movie. BUT, there’s enough good, cool shots in SC38 that I would still want it in a new digital version, at least some of it (some of the shots are just WAY too much and Id want cut, but theres definitely several great shots, mostly the ones where the camera isnt moving too much).

I found one version that seems to do a lot of this, its Adywan + SC38 + some of Hal9000s special edition. But they also add in Rogue Ones ending at the start of the movie which I don’t want. So is there a version anyone knows of that will satisfy wht I’m looking for?