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What do you HATE about the EU?
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13-Nov-2023, 5:11 PM

The dark nest trilogy was awful. So was the Caedus storyline. I hate Mara’s death. I hate the Abeloth and Mortis story. Though it might be interesting the Jedi and Sith joining forces, if they had done something interesting with that concept they didn’t.

I hate how they killed Anakin Solo. The Vong story is probably one of the worst things ever. But the publishing people didn’t care because NJO sold a lot of copies.

Basically for me the EU ends with the Thrawn Duology. I like Ben Skywalker, and Luke and Mara getting together but everything else i pretty much hate. Was the Bantam era perfect far from it. Still prefer it over Del Rey, Superweapon of the week and all.

Legacy of the Force and Fate of the Jedi arcs were garbage. The worst novel i’ve ever read was Crucible.

I like Cade Skywalker and Deliah Blue, i don’t like how much of a mary sue Darth Krayt was.