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10-Nov-2023, 3:17 PM

I’m not entirely against the idea of bringing Darth Maul back from the dead. However, I don’t like the way it was portrayed in TCW.

In my opinion, it doesn’t make much sense to bring Maul back during the Clone Wars era. No one mentions him in Revenge of the Sith. No one mentions the fact that he is still alive and is now ruling over Mandalore, although it should be an important thing. So, talking from an in-universe perspective, you can reasonably assume that no one had any clue of the fact that he was still alive by the time of Revenge of the Sith. Therefore, if you want to bring him back so badly, you should do that after Revenge of the Sith itself.

If I want a good story where Darth Maul comes back, I prefer to read the Old Wounds comic. It makes much more sense, because it happens after the end of the Clone Wars themselves, and it’s a side story that doesn’t have any impact on what came before and after it. And, even though it was technically never considered Canon to begin with, it can actually fit perfectly in the same universe with the Prequel Trilogy and the Clone Wars Multimedia Project. So yeah, Old Wounds is superior to TCW, in my opinion.