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Duel (1971) - The Hybrid Cut (Version 2) (Released)
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9-Nov-2023, 12:30 PM

I thought I could retire (or make a new version) this project given that the new UHD advertises the TV cut in 4:3 HD as an extra. What they have put on that disc, however, is an old SD TV master with horrific machine learning upscaling (now often termed AI upscaling). Like it’s baaaaaad. Some of the worst video quality I’ve ever seen. All the NSTC artifacts like rainbowing, haloing and aliasing are being warped into atrocious “fake detail” by whatever tool they rammed it though. I also think they might have deinterlaced it poorly to start, but it’s been damaged so much by this process it’s hard to tell. It’s probably the worst looking blu-ray I’ve ever seen. The audio will probably be nicer than the existing rips I have, but this is so terribly disappointing considering I’d have been happy for them to just put the TV cut in SD on disc.