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Young Indiana Jones... a preservation (* unfinished project *) - a mass of info & ideas
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31-Oct-2023, 2:25 AM

Is the French version dubbed? (are there other language dubs?) Maybe it could be used to make an alternate audio where the characters speaking French actually do (or German, Spanish, Russian, etc )

I thought it was a bold move for the pilot episode to include so much Spanish, but that concept was soon abandoned so everyone speaks English in stilted accents.

Ive seen about half this show from the old Indy reconstructions now, which seems like a better way to watch it. I suppose putting them in chronological order could also be an option. The bookends tend to be terribly silly but charming and add necessary context. The edits frequently have repeated or anachronistic credits. A couple episodes had some audio sync issues and one even had an illegible pop up flashing during the last minute or so. Otherwise pretty cool it’s all complete.