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Andor: The Movie Omnibus (Four Movies; Nothing Removed) [COMPLETE!] - Thanks to NFBisms!
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22-Oct-2023, 4:48 PM

EddieDean said:

If anyone has any ideas for a name for this subfranchise, let me know. And any simple poster art would be welcomed.

I could just call it ‘Andor: Refocused’, to keep it on brand, but I don’t really have a strong feeling. ‘Andor: Four Movies, Nothing Removed’ could also be useful to illustrate what it is. My current project working title is simply AndorByFour, but at the end of the day this’ll be nine things.

I know that having Andor in the name would do a lot for recognition, but there’s so much going on that isn’t related to Cassian Andor, especially if Rogue One ends up being a part of this.

“Spark of Rebellion” feels so overdone at this point, but maybe some sort of name like that which captures the idea that this is the story of how a Rebellion is formed?