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The Original Trilogy Radical Redux Ideas Thread
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11-Oct-2023, 2:30 PM

of_Kaiburr_and_Whills said:

‘Star Wars: De-Incest Edition’

Leia is not Luke’s brother- snip out all the pieces of dialogue that say so.

At the top of my head only includes: Some of the stuff Ghost Obi-Wan tells Luke on Dagobah, some of what Luke says to Leia on Endor, and the baby Leia in Episode III (which I know isn’t OT, but still).

None of this would diminish Leia’s role in any of the films and would remove the incest-y details.

alternatively just remove Luke and Leia kissing (both times).

that’s better for me personally. Leia being Luke’s sister is just too iconic and ingrained at this point. Luke and Leia’s conversation in ROTJ is so good and her being used as emotional leverage by Vader also makes it all worth it.