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Asokha Radical Redux Ideas thread
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11-Oct-2023, 4:17 AM

losthead said:

GLogus said:

losthead said:

The idea that anyone can use the force is introduced in A New Hope

That’s still not how the Force works. You don’t go from level one to one hundred in a matter of minutes, especially if you’re Sabine and didn’t really learn anything.

Luke went from struggling with a training droid to guiding a proton torpedo into an exhaust port within one day. Sabine went from sensing Ahsoka’s presence to pushing a guy a few feet within a few days.

Luke is naturally strong with the Force. Sabine isn’t. Nor does she seem to resonate strongly with the ways of the Jedi.

You don’t see a problem, from a narrative point of view, with the idea that anybody can become a powerful Force user, despite having no aptitude for it, and putting in minimal effort?

…I suppose that’s an opinion one could hold.