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The Clone Wars: Refocused [COMPLETE] + Subtitles for season one!
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11-Oct-2023, 1:41 AM

Patali said:

  • Dugnutt’s edit restores the Shaak ti death scene at the start of RotS. Does Clone Wars/your edit contradict this at all?
  • Dugnutt makes the decision in his edit to use audio from the Qui gon Liam Neeson dialogue from TCW in the qui gon scene in RotS. From what I can see, you do still include that content in your Refocused Season 4 finale “Cosmic Force”. So my question is, is the “Cosmic Force” episoe you cut truly and completely necessary? In the end, it wont bother us if it is, we’ll just acknowledge that some content gets reused. I would prefer Dugnutt just not include it, but I havent found a bettr RotS edit, the others Ive seen just change and remove too much of the movie.

Mostly yes. A vision in TCW shows Ti dying at the temple at the hands of Vader (a deleted scene that only exists as stills).

Maybe try Numeral Joker’s cut of RotS. It’s the extended film with the SoM arc woven in. Unfortunatly it also has the non-canon 2D CW bits at the start.