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The Clone Wars: Refocused [COMPLETE] - Renewed focus on your requests!
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9-Oct-2023, 11:50 PM

Hi Eddie. I posted last month wondering if your edit was the right choice for my wife and I’s chronological watch through of the entire series.

We decide to go for it and we’ve been watching your cut, Clone Wars Refocused. I will give my feedback first and then I have just some questions at the end:

Our context is, neither of us have watched Clone Wars in its entirety, only misc episodes here and there. Also, my wife has never watched Revenge of the Sith. So I am showing her the prequels and your series /before/ I show her RotS. But, we are both storytellers (I write screenplays and she writes/draws comics online) and my wife is a BIG animation fan, she watches a lot of animation so she naturally has a lot of thougnts.

So if I can critique my own feedback, I will tell you now I was NOT taking notes during my watch through, because I want to just relax and enjoy it as best I can. I feel this will hurt my feedback a bit, I would need to watch it a second time taking notes to give you the best feedback, probably along with watching the original show. Some of my feedback may seem a bit vague as a result of this.

We are halfway through your season 3. In general, we feel the edits were a bit more jarring in places early on and improve as the series goes along. Season 1 feels more choppy than the content in your Seasons 2 and 3 so far. I assume your seasons 4 and 5 will follow 2 and 3 in quality.

I tend to lean a bit more towards serious/darker content, but even I agreed with my wife on this point: It would be nice for your edits to just have a little bit more humor throughout.

Now I know your cut aims to cut out the cringe and unnecessary fluff, which I assume is where a lot of the humor lands. But the six George Lucas films had a lot of humor spread throughout. By no means do I want it to be overloaded with humor that ruins the mood, but… at times it feels like there are whole episodes/arcs almost entirely devoid of humor. IMO we shouldn’t go 30 minutes without a joke. George Lucas would have thrown a joke in by that point. So far, having watched TPM and AOTC and your Clone Wars Refocused, the GL movies had a lot more humor consistently throughout. I would just throw a few more jokes in throughout.

But otherwise we are LOVING your edit. We both had tried TCW in the past and just couldn’t make it. Now we are enjoying it as a great series that does not feel like fluff at all. Not that ALL of it feels completely necessary, but it’s always exciting and enjoyable at least.

So to TLDR me and my wife’s feedback:

  • We recommend to do another pass on your Season 1. Your seasons 2 and 3 feel much better cut by comparison. Season 1 felt a bit choppy at times.

  • Add just a /tiny/ bit more humor throughout. Do a watch through with humor in mind, we shouldn’t go more than 30-40 minutes without a joke imo.

Now, my questions. I wanted to show my wife an RotS cut WITH the Padme-birth of rebellion scenes included, just cause I feel Padme gets the short stick in RotS. I wanted to find a relatively newer fan edit for this and was having trouble, but I found Dugnutt’s RotS Expanded, which is basically just a cut that restores the deleted scenes as best as possible to blu ray quality. I love RotS already, so I dont want to change it much, which is why I choose his compared to some others that change/remove too much. But my questions are:

  • Dugnutt’s edit restores the Shaak ti death scene at the start of RotS. Does Clone Wars/your edit contradict this at all?
  • Dugnutt makes the decision in his edit to use audio from the Qui gon Liam Neeson dialogue from TCW in the qui gon scene in RotS. From what I can see, you do still include that content in your Refocused Season 4 finale “Cosmic Force”. So my question is, is the “Cosmic Force” episoe you cut truly and completely necessary? In the end, it wont bother us if it is, we’ll just acknowledge that some content gets reused. I would prefer Dugnutt just not include it, but I havent found a bettr RotS edit, the others Ive seen just change and remove too much of the movie.

Thank you for your edit! It has made the series watchable for us. We are busy adults and would NEVER have watched the original series otherwise.