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Asokha Radical Redux Ideas thread
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8-Oct-2023, 9:39 PM

DarthMarv said:

So I thought I’d share a few ideas I’ve thought in my head for editing Ahsoka and fixing some lingering questions:

  • So for Huyang, a big question for me is why he’s with Ahsoka rather than Luke: So an idea I liked was that he’s sticking with Ahsoka because she’s the last from before the Empire and he feels a connection to the generation of padawans he’s taught, Ahsoka being the last one left. I’m not sure where a dialogue an AI created voice line could fit but it would be good explanation.
  • Another thing with Huyang voice AI ideas is to try and see if it’s possible to move his conversation to Ezra about Sabine’s family fate on Mandalore to much earlier episodes to get the audience to understand why she’s willing to anything to get Ezra back.
  • Another AI voice/ voice over idea could be used on Morrok: his dialogue could explain he’s magik created from the Great Mothers in Peridia to give him a more solid explanation rather than just not explaining him.
  • I’d also fix the remnant troopers making them feel more human by adding voice lines for them & conversations, making them more competent shots too.
  • For story beats I’d also make sure for Sabine force moment- I’d have Ezra do the full jump no help and Sabine (who doesn’t use the force in this edit) would have to make a choice to go save Ahsoka or go with Ezra.
  • Oh and I’d also tweak Huyang’s line about Sabine being worse than a youngling in terms of force potential, maybe a line emphasising her untapped potential might make the finale land moments better.

Some great ideas if they can be done well. I especially like ideas 2 and 5. Both Ezra and Ahsoka seemed totally fine with Sabine’s reckless and irresponsible behavior. I was dumbstruck by the lack of accountability! Your idea might help to emphasize her reasons for doing what she did.

Also, I have no issue with Sabine having some Force ability, i.e., being a skilled Mandalorian warrior first and a novice Force user second, but her pushing Ezra like that was just silly and unearned. Huyang was right in pointing out her inadequacy. (When the Force can do anything, and anyone can use it, it makes the most interesting thing in Star Wars completely meaningless.)

I also want to add that the zombie noises that the Night Troopers make is ridiculous—far more laughable than creepy. In fact, the Night Troopers coming back to light was pointless because they didn’t actually pose a threat.